Who Would Win in a Fight (2015)


Exhibited at the Cultural Salon, 21st November 2015. Philosophy Now, Conway Hall, London.

63cm x 62cm, dump bin, inflatable presents, chip paper, text.





‘Who Would Win in a Fight’ stages a journey through a time in which we didn’t know much about animals and the natural world. A time when objects were classified, taxonomised and zoological nomenclature was ascertained. Exploration was explosive and exposure to new things informed Westerner’s understanding of the world, in turn furthering the design of our own cultural society. The gap between modern knowledge and public perception was widening, granting opportunities to come face-to-face with exceptional creatures.


Resource holding potential (RHP) measures the biological ability of an individual or animal to win a fight, if one were to take place. In opposition to anthropocentrism, this piece explores our natural world of things; but imposes a hierarchy created by humans. Ordered objects wield a power over us in the way they contest with and relate to other inanimate objects. Wrapped up as presents we can easily distinguish these specimens, but like opening a new pack of trading cards, they will surprise.


This work rests on the tension between how we perceive objects to be and their contemporary understanding in reality.