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The Fore Shore (2013)





A replica cannon from the year 1500, wooden engraved map; removable tape, 7x7" booklet, audio piece (compressed version above).

Publication edition of 4.



The Fore Shore details the history of a semi-fictitious town (located somewhere on the East-Anglian coast) and its gradual submersion into the North Sea. The piece consists of a three-metre-long replica cannon recovered from the sea, dating from 1550. There is a question as to whether the cannon was taken from the land, or was lost in a shipwreck at some point. Alongside is an A5 booklet describing the town’s steady decay, a wooden laser-engraved map, providing a view of the museum today in relation to the lost town and an audio interview, originally provided by volunteers at the museum, transcribed and re-recorded by a voice actor.

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