Spion Kop (2012)

Audio recording (compressed version), slide projection & scale model of the plot; MDF, card, plastic. 

Dimensions of model: 95 x 58 x 55cm.


'Spion Kop' was the name of a family home at the Dunton Plotlands, Essex. It was home to Nina Humphrey and her family from 1946 until 1970. Her parents and brother continued to live there until 1975 when it was compulsory purchased. After I made contact with Nina, I was able to take an interview and recreate 'Spion Kop'. 


Interview with Nina, 2nd February 2013: "Take one of the interview with Nina Humphrey on the 2nd of February 2013 regarding her childhood home ‘Spion Kop’ at Dunton Plotlands."

T I M E L I N E of 'Spion Kop'


Thomas Helmore the Estate Agent. The acre of ground was situated at the most northern part of Helmore’s Manor House Estate.

1904: Bought by Mr E. Wood.

1907: Bought by James Burling.

1915: Left to Amy Burton in the will of James Burling.

1920: The bungalow was originally called Honeysuckle Hall, the name was changed to Spion Kop, after the horse that won the 1920 Derby.

1930: George, Amy’s youngest son marries Jessica from ‘Pendennis’ and Dennis is born.

1938: Death of Amy Burton. Spion Kop becomes the permanent home of George, Jessica and Dennis.

1939: Anne Burton is born.

1946: Nina Burton is born.

1949: Council survey, condition of building: poor. Condition of plot: fair.

1951: Alan Burton is born.

1975: Plot compulsory purchased and vacant for five years.

1980s: The garden built over with housing.