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Someone's Been on Holiday (2019)

Photography of a postcard collection and poem.


Dear Daphne and


left at 4am so didn’t have time to say goodbye.

Weather is not nice. Not much sun, water too cold to bathe. Weather man is on strike but food, smokes and liquids in good supply.

It was either this card or the one of the Austrian gurner.

On the razzle for a couple of days.

We're going to see Ken Dodd tonight (Monday).

The money has run out now

so we're relying on Vicki's bank being full.

Having a very nice time...

apart from the cost of living at

boiling point

(whiskey £40)

poor plonk wine £10).

This is the place we are staying in.

No concessions for OAPs but food has been reasonable.

Had V.I.P. treatment on the flight as it was Nicholas' birthday, visited pilots, cabin e.t.c.

Bit cloudy.

See you soon we hope.

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