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Out-of-Date (2014)


Interactive tombola table game with historic prizes to be won!

180cm x 120cm, various objects, plaster, paint.


                               (PDF Download)

“If only it was intact! Underneath the layers of sediment this enamelled porcelain vase is adorned with 100 bats, a symbol of good luck in Emperor Qianlong’s era in the Qing Dynasty 1711 to 1799”


A broken plate, a common vase, all objects from preceding times must signify something. Is it Iron Age 600AD or Viking 600BC? Did it belong to an emperor or Elvis? A story to accompany the past. Sometimes honesty isn’t necessary...


‘Out-of-Date’ (2014) allows visitors to purchase raffle tokens in the hope of winning a historical prize. 25P EACH OR 5 FOR £1. Winners are given a letter with instructions on how to reveal their prize. Using "semi-genuine" historical artefacts, this work questions the provenance associated with the object when the origin is unknown.


“This is a small segment of lava taken from the top of Mt. Vesuvius near the crater; it dates from its last eruption in 1944”


The tombola randomly pairs a visitor with a ticket and potentially, a prize. Once away from the exhibit they can begin to unravel the object, locate the finds number and begin their own discoveries.


“Wow, you’re very lucky to win these wrought iron nails, they were found in an Ancient Roman site and date from 50BC to 50AD”

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