Dwell House (2019)

One from the personal archive. Thanks Mum for keeping my boxes of gems, rocks and minerals; I think this collection started when I was seven or eight years old

(c. 1998). Seems like my nan donated a lot of her jewellery and knick-knacks to help bulk out the sections I was lacking in, notably ‘gold’ and ‘diamonds’. Each object was marked in biro with a layer of (now crispy) sellotape and placed on a neatly folded square of loo roll. Coming across them ten years later, certain items triggered vivid memories; the hot pink agate, the “memento of the holiday in Butlin's” rock, even the generic English garden stone split in half. You can’t get that from the gift shop. The collection is seen here photographed as a whole in the order its component parts were found in, continuing the disregard for their classification.