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Carboot Perfume (2019)

Thirteen bottles of replica perfume in original boxes, bought with a £50 budget from Nag’s Head weekend car boot sale.

Scented style. Fragrances created to satisfy a yearning for rarified lifestyles, working their way in cellophane to a stall just off Holloway Road. Created to satisfy. Tuck in.

Forget your fixed ideas, the packaging says. A golden gift from the gods. “Look, who’s next in line?” says the trader. “If you’re not gonna buy it, don’t touch it; the boxes will tear – I’ve got testers here if you want to see what it smells like; it’s all the same stuff as on the boxes.”

It's always tempting, especially when it's warm out. Pure delight. A rich cup of hot chocolate, made richer with a thick blob of whipped deep dairy cream. 
Bliss. They’re basically the same as the real thing, only the smell will wear off a bit quicker than usual. Specially prepared and appointed to meet the needs of Britain's TOP men and women. Bargain. Can’t go wrong, really.


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