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Brad's Medals (2016)


74 ballroom dancing awards, a visual archive.

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There’s a whopping great table with a ton of identical awards, often different colours, lined up. You'd line up and collect yours; the same as the kid infront of you. Plastic medals, plaques, trophies and metal pins; Latin-American, Sequence, Disco, Perspex, Pre Bronze Dance Test, Milliennium 2000. 


1994 to 2001/2. 


Lessons were in community halls and competitions were in secondary school gyms all over Essex. St. Mary's Hall, Victoria Avenue, SS2 6NA. Got dropped off in the car. Air conditioned buildings, commercially fitted heaters and ample parking at the venue. Citroën BX. The dance school would organise an open day where the kids could perform to their parents, with a break for teas and biscuits at half time. Directly after the competition the medals and trophies were awarded.


Add some glitz and glamour to ballroom dancing award ceremonies. These trophies are extremely cost effective; an ideal award on a budget. The medals are produced to order with a minimum quantity of 30 medals. 


No one really knows what all the colours mean. Maybe the selection was entirely random, but either way there were too many to display on my shelf at home so I just kept them all in a plastic box.

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