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Did the Romans Discover Brazil? Marine Archaeologist Robert Marx is Diving to Find Out


Robert Marx, an experienced marine archaeologist.

Marx uncovered what looked like ancient Roman vases in Guanabara Bay; the harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These jars were the packing containers used in our ancient world.

"If authentic, it would be one of the most important discoveries in the field of marine archaeology."

The Romans would have beaten Columbus, Cabral, the Chinese and even the Vikings to the New World.

A wealthy businessman, Americo Santarelli had once taken such a liking to some ancient Sicilian amphorae that he commissioned a potter in Portugal to make exact replicas.

To decorate his house, he wished to “age” the jars. He dropped 16 of them in Guanabara Bay in 1961.

These jars were then recovered in 1982.

To prove his ownership, he recovered eight; this led to such findings being dismissed as fakes.

He claims the amphorae discovered by Marx to be his own.

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