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Did the Romans Discover Brazil? Marine Archaeologist Robert Marx is Diving to Find Out


Robert Marx, an experienced marine archaeologist.

Marx uncovered ancient Roman vases in Guanabara Bay; the harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

These jars were the packing containers used in our ancient world.

"If authentic, it would be one of the most important discoveries in the field of marine archaeology."

The Romans have beaten Columbus, Cabral, the Chinese and even the Vikings to the New World.

Marx admits that the amphorae could have come from a derelict ship, abandoned and blown across the Atlantic unmanned.

This ship would have slowly sunk, leaving behind Roman traces for years to come.

He discounts such a theory because the wreck site is far up at the head of the natural bay, implying that the vessel that carried the amphorae was guided by more than wind.

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