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Did the Romans Discover Brazil? Marine Archaeologist Robert Marx is Diving to Find Out



Robert Marx, an experienced marine archaeologist.


Diving at a depth of approximately 90 feet, Marx uncovered a horde of 200 broken Roman amphorae and several complete in Guanabara Bay; the harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“All the experts agree that the jars are Roman, they are second century BC.”

These amphorae were the packing containers used in our ancient world.

This evidence gives proof that the Romans located Brazil 1700 years earlier than the Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral.

Pedro Alvares Cabral is credited with Brazil discovery in 1500.

"Nothing has been done in Brazil to prove or disprove the find."

The remains were promptly buried with sand by the Brazilian government’s Navy.

Marx has speculated that Brazil does not wish to change the course of their history.

The reason Marx gave for the Navy’s actions is proof of a Roman presence and with this proof Brazil would be required to rewrite its recorded history.

Marx is currently barred from entering the country and there is a further ban on all underwater exploration.

The Romans have beaten Columbus, Cabral, the Chinese and even the Vikings to the New World.

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