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A Doller 4 R Poor ol mumy (2014)


Installation and online pre-auction catalogue; Mummy bag, plastic mask, hook & flail, cardboard, coins (cents) and booklet for auction commencing Friday 9th May 2014.


‘The Pharaoh who in life as one of the least esteemed of Egypt’s Pharaohs has become in death the most renowned’ Jon Menchy White (1977).

A Doller 4 R Poor ol mumy’ explores items of memento taken from historical sites. Why do we choose specific souvenirs to represent something past, and do they contribute to our knowledge of that particular event, site, object or happening?


Our expectations and memories as a visitor are susceptible to change through the imagery and the language featured in guidebooks, catalogues and similar publications. The pre-auction catalogue details souvenir items from Egypt, available for viewing online.


The installation consists of a model platform for donations, ‘A Doller 4 R Poor ol mumy’ representing one of the most legendary historical figures; Tutankhamun. Unlike many Egyptian pharaohs, Tutankhamun’s tomb was not frequently subject to grave robberies and destruction, therefore his many existing artefacts are intact and widely exhibited. Using simple, ephemeral objects to signify a precious and historical wonder, this interactive game allows for donations to be easily contributed with a clear temptation of theft; a tomb robbery. Without any access restrictions the installation is exposed. The alleged curse of the vengeful mummy may prevail.

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